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Fasteners and Technical Items

Slotted Rounds Nuts Normal and Heavy Duty Type
  • Conic without head from M10 to M30 and from 1/8" to 1" ½ NPT dry-seal and NPT level seal types.
  • Hexagon Socket Screws with or without sail from M8 to M36 and from 1/8" to 1" ½ .
  • Hexagon Cap Screw

Internal and external retaining rings normal or heavy duty type from 3 to 400 mm Washer shims

  • Elastic normal and heavy duty type from diameter 1 to 50 length from 4 to 200 mm.
  • Parallel pings normal and hardener type, with internal or external thread, conic and grooved types.

Disc springs Parallel key, Woodruff Key and Bars Forks, Clips, Clevis pins with head and hole, Articulated Heads, Ball joint with ball studs, Balls and roller and needles Wire thread bush, Thread Insert, Helical Thread Insert.

Thread insert
  • Hexagon with Cylindrical or reduced cap.
  • Cylindrical with Cylindrical or Countersunk head.

Rivets with Domed or Countersunk Head.
Hose Clamps.
Plug and Anchor.
Lifting eye bolts, male from M6 to M100 and female from M8 to M64.
Lift Accessories.
Eye bolts from M6 to M30.
Fixing system for machinery.
Lifting Eye Bolts.
Hydraulic Nipples.