Hot Dip Galvanizing

Specialized in threaded fasteners

Galvanizing threaded parts demand an exclusively designed galvanizing line. Well, general purpose galvanizers generally leave the threads with excess zinc, thereby checking a nut from threading against the fastener. Our specialized galvanizing line at Baseline Bolt ensures:

  • Fast production of parts
  • Provide clean threads facilitating perfect nut fit

Baseline Bolt galvanizes threaded fasteners 24x7x365 in our zinc tank with dimensions 12′ length, 4′ width and 7′ depth. Our unique expertise, experience and specialized galvanizing line along with tested inspection processes guarantee clean threads, fast and prompt delivery times, and nut fit that is totally hassle-free.


Galvanizing provides excellent corrosion resistant zinc coating in case of steel fasteners. The process offers long service life, durability, and is highly economical compared to various other coating options. Our unique system that is developed exclusively for threaded fasteners guarantees quality threads coupled with a hassle-free nut fit.