Hot Dip Galvanizing

BBI specializes in threaded fasteners

Galvanizing threaded parts often require a specially designed galvanizing line. General-purpose galvanizers normally leave the threads with surplus zinc so that a nut doesn’t thread against the fastener.

Baseline Bolts sports a specialized galvanizing line that ensures:

  • Swift production of parts
  • Offer clean threads that facilitate perfect nut fit


BBI galvanizes threaded fasteners all round the year in our zinc tank that is 12” long, 4” wide and 7” deep. Our wholesome experience, unique expertise, and specialized galvanizing line coupled with tried and tested inspection processes promise clean threads, prompt delivery times and a totally hassle-free nut fit.


Galvanizing offers exceptional corrosion resistant zinc coating for steel fasteners. The process provides durability, long service life, and is extremely economical compared to different other coating options. This unique system developed solely for threaded fasteners assures quality threads and a hassle-free nut fit.