Other Capabilities


BBI has certified welders in our facility to perform welding & light fabrication of custom fasteners and anchor bolt assemblies.

Chamfering & Pointing

Many bolts may need a chamfering operation to ascertain easy installation of nuts. Bolts used for wood applications largely need a semi-cone point so that the fastener is easily installed through the wood members.


Lag bolts demand a cone point to screw into wood. We use highly specialized equipment to perform such operations consistently and quickly.



According to the ASTM specifications, most high strength rods and anchor bolts require permanent grade identification. Besides, the manufacturer’s registered logo should be stamped on one end. We, at Baseline Bolts, use hydraulic stamping equipment for the identification of high strength products.


Swedging means placing indentations in the unthreaded end of the anchor bolt which will then be embedded in concrete. Baseline Bolts uses specialized hydraulic swedging equipment to produce these components. Different engineering firms and State Transportation Departments tend to have specific requirements when it comes to the placement, depth and size of the indentations. At BBI, we are capable of fulfilling any special swedging requirements.