BBI has more threading options. In other words, BBI offers faster and more prompt delivery. With adequate cut threaders and roll threaders, Baseline Bolts is fully equipped to take on any kind of threading project. Our skilled team of expert and experienced operators ensures that we deliver only high quality threaded products. We guarantee that even after the galvanizing process, our threaded products do not gall or resist nuts. We follow two efficient yet economical threading methods which can handle steel up to 6” diameter.

Roll threading (up to diameter of 1”)

Roll threading is an extrusion process used to shape a fastener’s threaded portion instead of removing it like in cut threading. In the process, a round steel bar gets forced between two dies. This process is used to manufacture a bolt from a round bar whose diameter is less. For example, we can manufacture a bolt of 1″ diameter from a round bar of 0.912″ diameter. Roll threading is a highly efficient process. Besides, often it leads to significant cost savings. Therefore, Baseline Bolts rolls threads as and when required.

Cut Threading (up to diameter of 6”)

In this process, threads are formed by cutting away steel from a round steel bar. For instance, a bolt of 1″ diameter is produced by means of cutting threads which results in a bolt body of 1″ diameter body.