We have more threading options and it means faster and prompt delivery. With sufficient roll threaders and cut threaders, Baseline Bolt is fully equipped to undertake all types of threading projects. Our team of experienced and expert operators make sure that quality threaded products are delivered. Our threaded products will not gall or resist nuts, even post the process of galvanizing. There are two economical yet efficient threading methods that can handle steel up to a diameter of 6 “.

Roll threading (up to 1” diameter)

This is an extrusion process wherein a round steel bar is forced between two dies so as to shape the threaded part of a fastener rather than removing it as in cut threading. Using this process, from a round bar with a reduce diameter, a bolt is manufactured. For instance, a 1″ diameter bolt can be manufactured from a 0.912″ diameter round bar. Roll threading happens to be an extremely efficient process. In addition, it often leads to remarkable cost savings. Hence, Baseline Bolt rolls threads whenever possible.

Cut Threading (up to 6” diameter)

This is a process in which steel is cut away to form threads (from a round steel bar). For example, a 1″ diameter bolt is produced by cutting threads resulting in a bolt body of full 1″ diameter body.