Threaded Rebar

Well, threaded rebar comes in as an alternative anchoring method to secure sign structures, structural steel, wind towers, and various other foundation applications. ASTM A615 Grade 75 rebar are most commonly used to make these rods. They are made using 75 ksi (minimum yield strength). Also known as jumbo rebar, these rods are available in two sizes; one of diameter – #18J (2-1/4″) and the other of diameter #14J (1-3/4″).

Specification: ASTM A615 Gr 75 Rebar, A615 Gr 60, A706
Diameters: #18J (2-1/4″), #14J (1-3/4″), others as requested
Origins: Domestic
Finish: Plain and hot-dip galvanized