Washer Head Bolts

Forged washer head bolts are used in the pole line industry. An integrated washer is forged under the square head; and hence, they provide an increased bearing surface. To prevent corrosion, these bolts are generally used with hot dip galvanized & square nuts. Washer head bolts use standard thread lengths that are usually meant for pole line fasteners. Compared to standard bolts, these tend to be longer. To facilitate easy installation, a semi-cone point is included at the threaded end.


BBI manufactures quality washer head bolts the diameter of which ranges between 1/2″ and 7/8″. These bolts are manufactured so as to match the ASTM specification A307 Grade A. Our washer head bolts are forged with a square head. There is a large washer surface underneath the head. All processes including hot dip galvanizing are performed in-house.


Washer Head Bolt Dimensions

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Bolt Diameter D H W B C F
Body Diameter Height (Head) Height (Washer) Outside Diameter (Washer) Width Across Corners (Head) Width Across Flats (Head)
Max Min Basic Max Min
12 0.515 0.290 0.130 1.40 1.061 0.995 34 0.750 0.725
58 0.642 0.420 0.125 1.80 1.326 1.244 1516 0.938 0.906
34 0.768 0.490 0.110 2.20 1.591 1.494 118 1.125 1.088
78 0.895 0.640 0.180 2.60 1.856 1.742 1516 1.312 1.269