Washer Head Bolts

Forged washer head bolts are used in the pole line industry. An integrated washer is forged under the square head; and hence, they provide an increased bearing surface. To prevent corrosion, these bolts are generally used with hot dip galvanized & square nuts. Washer head bolts use standard thread lengths that are usually meant for pole line fasteners. Compared to standard bolts, these tend to be longer. To facilitate easy installation, a semi-cone point is included at the threaded end.


BBI manufactures quality washer head bolts the diameter of which ranges between 1/2″ and 7/8″. These bolts are manufactured so as to match the ASTM specification A307 Grade A. Our washer head bolts are forged with a square head. There is a large washer surface underneath the head. All processes including hot dip galvanizing are performed in-house.

Washer Head Bolt Dimensions

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Bolt DiameterDHWBCF
Body DiameterHeight (Head)Height (Washer)Outside Diameter (Washer)Width Across Corners (Head)Width Across Flats (Head)