Split Rings

At Baseline Bolt, we provide an exclusive range of “Baseline Bolt” branded split rings.

Split ring wood connector transmits loads between two wood pieces. These are placed in grooves that are precut and are made using standard grooving tools. The groove and the tongue are “split” in the ring. This allows simultaneous bearing of the ring’s inner surface against core left in the grooving & the ring’s outer face onto the groove’s outer wall. The beveled split ring makes assembling easy.


Sizes: 2-1/2″ and 4″
Origin: Domestic and Import
Finish: Plain and hot-dip galvanized


Bolt Diameter Inside Diameter Depth Lumber Minimum Dimension Weight Per 100 Pieces Part Numbers
Ring In 1 Face Ring In Both Faces Plain Galvanized Plain Galvanized
12 212 34 1 x 312 112 x 312 27 28 18683 18684
34 4 1 1 x 512 112 x 512 68 70 18685 18686